Montana Newborn | Wilton, CT

While visiting Connecticut, I had the chance to photograph my sweet little niece Montana. She is just the sweetest and I’m so glad I got to be with her during her first few days of life!

 photo IMG_5205revrev_zps8354b3e6.jpg
 photo IMG_5155revrev_zps1c5028aa.jpg
 photo IMG_5168revrev_zps4317edb7.jpg
 photo IMG_5190revrev_zpsd70294f4.jpg
 photo Montana_zpsf36b88eb.jpg
 photo IMG_5161revrev_zps50245c7e.jpg
 photo IMG_5321revrev_zpse3ab7d0b.jpg
 photo IMG_5258revrev_zpsa28f47fb.jpg
 photo IMG_5370revrev_zpsc63a5c75.jpg
 photo IMG_5219revrev_zpsd9435398.jpg
 photo Montana2_zps052e4f5d.jpg
 photo IMG_5288revrev_zps5ae52646.jpg

Betsy Newborn | Houston, TX

I love taking photos of newborn babies—it’s just so nice to photograph them in their first couple of weeks and capture their newness and sweetness! A few weeks ago our good friends had their second little babe and I was so excited to take her newborn photos for them while in Houston. There were so many good ones, it was hard to choose! But here’s some of my favorites from the session:

 photo IMG_1380-rev_zps80cc846d.jpg
 photo IMG_1374rev_zpsa7d0b21b.jpg
 photo betsy_zps663df25b.png
 photo IMG_1342rev_nocrop_zps84ad01f7.jpg
 photo IMG_1347-rev_zpsfbbbea79.jpg
 photo IMG_1352rev_zpsa3a2de68.jpg
 photo IMG_1412rev-rev2_zpsbec03982.jpg
 photo IMG_1457-rev_zps709fead2.jpg
 photo IMG_1463-rev_zps05915045.jpg
 photo IMG_1576-rev_zps4c46d88f.jpg
 photo IMG_1582-rev2_zps10bcf7f0.jpg
 photo IMG_1488-rev_zpsb53d1c68.jpg
 photo IMG_1497-rev2_zpsf2cf9f35.jpg
 photo IMG_1507-rev_zps1807d4a2.jpg
 photo IMG_1561-rev_zpsd44fbc30.jpg
 photo IMG_1571-rev_zpsa27500e1.jpg
 photo IMG_1591-rev_zps0e248d0d.jpg
 photo IMG_1605-rev_zps42f96e1a.jpg

Brooke & Hadley | McKinney, TX

I’m excited to show some favorites from a recent shoot. We started at a local park but Hadley was getting a little too distracted by the ducks so we ended with some indoor shots. Cutest mom and daughter duo around!
 photo IMG_0986rev_zps99c99368.jpg
 photo IMG_1000rev_zps84e07769.jpg
 photo IMG_1003rev_zps80cd7022.jpg
 photo IMG_0980rev_zps0178f591.jpg
 photo IMG_0979rev_zpsf4fb0b36.jpg
 photo IMG_0996rev_zps6f738526.jpg
 photo IMG_1027rev_zps2d85afbb.jpg
 photo IMG_1031rev_zps2dc22ea2.jpg
 photo IMG_1077rev_zps1afd8f19.jpg
 photo IMG_1118rev_bampw_zpsbe1debab.jpg
 photo IMG_1094rev_zps6ef1e77f.jpg
 photo IMG_1110rev_zps299b646b.jpg
 photo IMG_1119rev_zpsc1c4a379.jpg
 photo IMG_1123rev_zps3e6ce273.jpg
 photo IMG_1133rev_zps33ba9024.jpg
 photo IMG_1150rev_zps85a6ae9b.jpg
 photo IMG_1140rev_zpsd217dbc4.jpg
 photo IMG_1157rev_zps6e104c9d.jpg
 photo IMG_1178rev_zpsd9c4c7f9.jpg
 photo IMG_1184bampw_zpsc68bd5e0.jpg