Emery Newborn | Grapevine, TX

I was so excited to take Emery’s newborn photos! It took me several attempts and several hours to get all the shots I wanted because I had to work around her sleeping and eating schedule, but I’m really happy with how everything turned out! She’s such a little sweetheart (but then again, I might be biased).

 photo IMG_9095revcopy_zps75231dc0.jpg
 photo IMG_9087revcopy_zpsf616b55d.jpg
 photo IMG_9122rev_zps760c2dc1.jpg
 photo IMG_9256rev2_zps90f2f3a5.jpg
 photo Grammy_zps50b83480.jpg
 photo IMG_9234rev_zps09d1c2ac.jpg
 photo IMG_9216rev_zpsdbb13af4.jpg
 photo Emery2_zps6213ed44.jpg
 photo IMG_9264rev_zps8ad3ad20.jpg
 photo IMG_9200rev_zps66fa7001.jpg
 photo Emery1_zps56a38819.jpg
 photo IMG_9277rev_zps854f4fff.jpg
 photo IMG_9361rev_zps721d96ef.jpg
 photo IMG_9369rev_zps1593375b.jpg
 photo IMG_9339rev_zps8c451a76.jpg
 photo IMG_9316rev_zps5e1bc5c7.jpg

Emma Newborn | Fort Worth, TX

Here’s just a few shots I captured of sweet Emma the other day. She was so good and let us move her all around for hours, until she finally had enough and we had to do a couple photos with the binkie at the end :)
 photo IMG_8787revcopy_zps816a5652.jpg
 photo IMG_8807revcopy_zps3b9321be.jpg
 photo IMG_8833revcopy_zpsd8338c26.jpg
 photo IMG_8848revcopy_zpse2bea6ee.jpg
 photo IMG_8805revcopy_zps5a76a1ba.jpg

Briana’s Maternity Shoot | Dallas, TX

This morning I drove out to White Rock Lake in Dallas for the first time for a shoot, and I’m so glad I did! It was such a great place to capture pictures! I took Briana’s maternity photos for her and just love the way they turned out. I was so excited about them I spent all afternoon editing the pictures, instead of getting things done like cleaning my apartment, grocery shopping, etc. Oh well! I’d say it was an afternoon well spent.